Passive Nero Electro Muscular Stimulation.

Firm and tone your whole body & burn fat comfortably and safely.

Whether you want to tone up to look and feel your best, or get rid of that baby weight, with P.N.E.M.S, you will see a visible difference with a reduction in body fat within 6 to 8 weeks….

P.N.E.M.S  is the ultimate  treatment to achieve the best results for weight and inch loss, for  guaranteed results on your waistline, hips, thighs, buttocks or arms.

P.N.E.M.S has also been cited by renowned sport scientists as a complementary technique for sport training.

A fast and effective way of re-shaping and muscle toning your body. The muscle lift waveform creates an involuntary contraction of the muscle and will target the superficial as well as deep muscles all over the body.

Superficial muscle is often hard to target through regular exercise and can be responsible for the loose appearance of skin on the stomach, thighs and upper arms.  P.N.E.M.S targets these muscles as well as our deep core muscles and therefore improves the skin tone and firms loose saggy skin.

For years, physical therapists, chiropractors and sports injury specialists have been performing electrotherapy using electrical muscle stimulation, or EMS, machines to treat neuromuscular issues.


Significantly reduce body fat. Target problem areas and increase overall metabolism


Develop a tighter and more toned body


Increase strength while shaping & toning muscle

EMS is excellent for:

Fast Inch loss – for special occasion

Post pregnancy tummy tightening – highly recommended

Slimming Cellulite reduction – lymph drainage and muscle toning

Problem spot targeting – focus intensively on a trouble area

Muscle toning during dieting and weight loss programmes

Skin tightening and firming – toning superficial and deep muscles.

Improving circulation & lymphatic drainage

Rehab & strengthening exercise post injury or illness – fantastic as a non-weight bearing exercise.